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SkyWorks Trading is mainly dealing in Import & Export. SkyWorks is the soul country representative of various major Turkish brands in Tanzania and looking to extend its brands as a distributor in the country. Also, SkyWorks Trading is occasionally exporting local commodities such as: timber, coffee beans, tea leaves, tropical fruits, sesame, cotton, fisheries, metallic minerals, gemstones etc. from Tanzania and East Africa in general to foreign markets but mostly to Turkey.
We provide flexible trading solutions to accommodate the requirements of suppliers, buyers and financial institutions by efficiently pooling together industry experience and resources to offer full turnkey supply and logistics solutions for commodity trading in Africa. We specialize in helping clients in African countries to develop industrial projects. We also supply commodities and manufactured goods to and from the global market to African countries and vice versa.
SkyWorks Trading will be a critical component of African countries ascendancy in global commerce through industrial exports. In addition to fostering the rise of export industries in every African country, SkyWorks Trading aspires to become the premier company in the trading of commodities and manufactured goods of African origin. SkyWorks Trading will channel trade engineering expertise to facilitate vast expansion of trade in, to but especially from Africa.
Focusing initially on Tanzania, on East Africa and on Sub-Saharan Africa in general, SkyWorks Trading’s operations are vertically integrated with a strong commitment to local processing as a powerful vehicle for socio-economic development. SkyWorks Trading’s products will thus be distinguishable through the company’s sourcing and production methods.
We have made strong and fair partnerships with our local suppliers and producers the core of our strategy; placing great emphasis on socially responsible processing and trading. It is therefore an imperative for our business to add social and economic value to the communities we operate in.
In an increasingly socially and environmentally conscious consumer world, SkyWorks Trading’s customers can be assured that the purchase of its locally processed commodities has a direct social impact on the livelihoods of small-holder farmers & manufacturers and their wider communities.

What We do

With SkyWorks Trading’s intricate understanding and hands-on experience in Africa, every aspect of the logistics process is managed, offering a complete ‘door-to-door’ service for the client. Since 2016, SkyWorks Trading manages high value, time sensitive projects throughout East Africa. SkyWorks Trading minimizes the complexity, costs, frustrations & missed deadlines of cross-border delivery & trade – allowing our clients to focus on the business at hand.
We guarantee our client that both the export and import component of the logistics chain is completely controlled and managed by SkyWorks Trading. Managing all ‘cross-border freight, communications, costs, document flow, governmental compliancy to ensure project delivery.
Advising our client or procurement company on the correct processes to be followed, within all the related areas (in conjunction with the relevant authorities & experts in the appropriate regions),
Ensuring bureaucracy & compliancy at departure and destination including: exemption permits, import permits,
All pre-shipment processes: SADC certificates – for reduced duties, Overseeing SGS/Bureau Veritas/Intertek inspection of cargo at origin, Issuing of COC’s (Certificate of Conformity), MSDS (Material Safety Data Schedule) & Electrical Safety Conformity, TANSAD (Tanzanian Customs Document) to client to re-claim VAT in Tanzania (or whichever country of destination),
South African & International Regulations: Advising the client or procurement company on the correct processes to be followed, within the below areas (in conjunction with the relevant authorities & experts in the appropriate regions),
Handling the documentary flow between the various parties (eg. Invoice / SADC’s / COC / TBS etc.),
SARS registration regulation for export (VAT claims), SADC registration – assisting with registration procedures & ensuring compliancy, SA Customs export regulations, ELG’s to client for VAT claims, HS Codes (Harmonized Customs Code) – Assessing invoices and applying HS Codes to each item to reduce admin delays with agents in South Africa and country of destination,
In Transit clearing procedures – in conjunction with appointed agents,
Budget planning & cost management pertaining to: SkyWorks Trading will negotiate rates with preferential suppliers (of transport, storage, clearing, packing etc.). Client will receive full estimates for each aspect of the project,
We will ensure controlled costs management and full transparency of all costs etc. (duties payable, freight, storage etc.),
Reducing hidden/unknown/unexpected costs as far as possible, reducing the opportunity for ‘financial’ loopholes/opportunities for fraud & theft,
Preparing with exporter all export documents,
Ensuring compliancy of all documents,
Submitting quotation of costs due for exportation of goods; including but not limited to: Warehousing prior to shipment, Packaging as required (including crating), Loading & packing of containers, Bureau Veritas/SGS fees, Transport of containers to site, Clearance agents’ fees, Sea freight charges,
Submitting quotation for costs due for clearance of goods (into country of final destination), including but not limited to: Port/Airport charges including vessels, Storage estimates whilst awaiting clearance, Duties & Customs charges, Regulatory charges – TBS etc., miscellaneous fees to ensure timeous clearance of goods & transport to site,
Depending on the nature of the cargo and overall weights and dimensions – and final destination – SkyWorks Trading will select her preferred suppliers for either sea freight, air freight or road freight,
Highly sensitive cargos, hazardous cargos, high value artworks etc. will be handed over to nominated experts for specialized packaging and crating,
SkyWorks Trading will negotiate rates with our preferred suppliers (for warehousing & specialized packaging, transport from warehouse to site) and client will receive full estimates of each packaging & warehousing stage,
If necessary SkyWorks Trading will negotiate the purchase of SOC (Shipper owned container) for ease of trans-shipment and storage at site,

Our Business Culture

For the past years we have been selling quality products to clients in Tanzania and in East Africa in general from various countries all over the world and same goes vice versa. Through lasting and mutually profitable relationships, we pushed clients to the limits of profits. We take into consideration not just our requirements, but the needs of our clients who are our most valuable stakeholders. We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver on product perfection, but also delivers on time – crucial to success in a highly competitive market where every day counts. We are dedicated to restoring stronger ties with existing markets and further building our market network globally. We ensure to take care of complete accuracy in every transaction step-by-step from order to delivery, ensuring quality is unaltered.
We have built strong relationships with the brands/suppliers that we supply/represent, and endeavor to secure the best deals so that we can provide the most cost-effective service to our customers. We offer fast & secure order processing, worldwide shipping, cheapest prices and best quality.
With collective years of experience, SkyWorks Trading has a wealth of knowledge to continue driving the business forward. In today’s complex market in Africa, our team are crucial in ensuring our perfect quality and smooth business relationship with our customers. Our ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products companies in the world. We are in a strong position to achieve this due to our scale, the geographical diversity of our business and our desire to continuously improve our performance.
In addition to supplying leading brands & products, our comprehensive export package takes care of the entire exporting process. All our clients need to worry about is choosing which products they want to be delivered and SkyWorks Trading take care of the rest. We strive to sell, supply and distribute to our customers with the best quality products which exceeds customers expectation at all time making business a remarkable experience.
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